Dear Friend,

I recently started Munjar (pronounced moon jar) as a labor of love for Nature and the cause of peace. I have often felt conflicted as a citizen of modern society trying to do good within a system that so easily overwhelms my intentions. As I’ve sought out sustainable choices for my home, I struggled to find items that met my aesthetic sensibilities as well as my values. The choices created a quiet, but ever-present conflict inside me. Conflict, as you know, is the antithesis of peace and the conflicts we carry inside us begin to reflect into our outer worlds.

Not only do I want to remove the conflict from my choices and help others do the same, I am also simply in love with Nature. If I am struggling, I've found that a flower, a tree, or bird is always there to inspire and renew me. I don’t see Nature as a list of resources to extract, I see it as a dear and trusted friend that I want to care for. At its core, Munjar is a love story with our beautiful world and a yearning to feel at peace with it.

Using my experience in interior design and sustainability, I offer Munjar as a trusted source for you to find the most beautiful and sustainable home goods. I give my personal commitment to doing the research, finding good solutions that limit harm, finding the most skilled artisans, the best manufacturers, and ultimately gorgeous goods that you love. It is my great hope that Munjar can help you create a little more peace and beauty in your life.

With joy and gratitude,